Beshalach 5783: Krias Yam Suf: How To Get Out When You Are Stuck

For Klal Yisroel to be Zoche to the Geula Shleima b’karov!

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Shiur presented in 5778

Gratitude to Hashem, Our Health is A Gift

Everybody who hears this shmuess, should express their hoda’ah to Hashem Yisbarach, that they’re able to go to the bathroom and vacuate without surgery or any other intervention.[i] Perhaps you don’t understand what it says in asher yatzar, and you don’t think about it, that if Hashem blocks one of a person’s openings אי אפשר להתקים, they can’t exist. A person should dance and sing after they go to the washroom. Rav Yerucham says that a person should be so happy that he would want to send a telegram to their family saying: Baruch Hashem yatzasi beshalom. Potentially, it’s a tremendous sakanah, a tremendous challenge for a person to be mevarer the tov from the ra, the ra from the tov and that everything should function normally. Thank Hashem. Your tefillah and hoda’ah to Hashem should be a zechus for someone who needs refu’ah.

People take things for granted. Yesterday somebody called me up and said, “You probably never heard of such a problem.” I said, “I’ve heard them all.” “No. This is a very funny one. You never heard of this one.” I said, “What is it?” “I can’t sleep.” Do you know how many times I’ve dealt with that? Do you know how much I discovered about this subject? Somebody with such a condition brought me a book about it. People don’t realize, falling asleep is not stam a chessed! There are people who can’t sleep without sleep aids. There are people who can’t sleep without serious medicine. There are people who can close their eyes, but their body just doesn’t shut down and restart, and they feel like they’re walking around all day long without sleep. Narcolepsy. That’s what it is. It means that a person can’t sleep. I know of someone who couldn’t sleep for six years. The guy used to speak to me over the phone. I told the guy, “Do teshuvah. Do teshuvah.” I begged him. They say that when a person has some serious business to take care of, Hashem keeps him awake when it’s quiet in the world, so he can think about what he needs to think about and take care of his business. I’m very thankful for being able to fall asleep. May our chizuk be a zechus for that person. Hakadosh Baruch Hu should give people the brachah of sleep. There’s no such thing as ‘you’re tired so you fall asleep.’ Only Hashem lets a person fall asleep.

Hashem is the One Who makes our bodies function in a healthy manner. We can rely only on Hashem to keep us healthy. Even if we find ourselves hopelessly stuck in a nisayon, chas v’shalom,being meschazek in bitachon is a way to get out.

Klal Yisrael  Were Weighed Down By Sin

In this week’s parshah, the Torah tells us an amazing episode that’s a tremendous eye opener. Klal Yisrael had just left Mitzrayim, and they’re standing at the Yam Suf. They’re surrounded on all sides, and there is nowhere to go. I’ve pictured this many times. I’m being chased, and I run to the edge of a cliff, and I turn around, and I see they’re coming at me from three sides and there’s nowhere to go, except off the cliff. I think, “Would I be able to jump and say, ‘Hashem, I’m jumping into your hands?’” I’ve thought so many different thoughts about what I would  do in that situation.

That’s what Klal Yisrael was faced with. What did they do? They were תפסו אומנות אבותם, they cried out to Hashem, as Rashi says (Shemos 14:10).[ii] That’s what you do in such situation. And Moshe Rabeinu tells them, “First of all, don’t be afraid.” You hear that? First, calm down. “Don’t be afraid, ‘אל תיראו התיצבו וראו את ישועת ה, stand and you’re going to see the yeshuah of Hashem.” (ibid v. 13). How? Where? When? Klal Yisrael is screaming. ויאמר ה’ אל משה, and Hashem said to Moshe, מה תצעק אלי, what are you crying out to Me for? (ibid v. 15). דבר את בני ישראל, speak to the Jewish people, ויסעו, let them go into the yam. Unbelievable!

The Ohr Hachaim asks a famous kashah.[iii]It’s difficult to understand, he says, ולמול מי יצעק אם לא לה’ אלקיו, to whom should we cry out, if not to Hashem?! Whom should they cry out to, the sun? The moon? The malach of the yam? Who else should we cry out to in this situation?! There’s no one else to cry out to, only to Hashem! And he says ובפרט בעת צרה. In an eis tzarah, everybody knows, the first thing you do is you daven. It says in the passuk קראתי מצרה לי, I called from a tzarah. מן המצר קראתי קה. He says, and if you’re going to tell me, it’s because they already davened a lot and they weren’t answered yet, nu?So if a guy is davening and he’s not getting answered, is that a reason to stop davening? What’s the pshat here?!

Now listen to what he says, because it’s a moradige yesod. אכן יתבאר הענין על פי מאמרם, based on what Chazal says שישראל היו נתונין בדין, Klal Yisrael was facing din in shamayim. They were in a very tough situation. You know what the malachim were saying? “Hashem, don’t spare them.” Midas hadin paskened הללו עובדי עבודה זרה והללו עובדי עבודה זרה. It’s not a roiv against a chazakah. It’s a chazakah against a chazakah. It’s trei u’trei. They’re both mevatel (cancel out) each other out. Don’t save them. Nu? והן אמת, but the emes is, כי חפץ ה’ לצדק ישראל, Hashem wants to find the betterment and to make Klal Yisrael come out on top, אבל אין כח ברחמים, but at that point, there was no koach in the midas harachamim לצד מעשיהם, because of their ma’asim, as we just mentioned.

It’s amazing. They already left Mitzrayim. They were already mekayem משכו ידיהם מעבודה זרה. They left their idols back in Mitzrayim. They already circumcised themselves, נכנסו לברית. They already brought the korban Pesach. They did wonderful things. They were ma’amin baHashem. They were boteach baHashem. לכתך אחרי במדבר בארץ לא זרועה. We are already after all of that. And yet the malachim say, “Hashem, they have a big credit card debt. They’re carrying some major debt.”

There is something you have to realize. I tell this to a lot of people. People who changed their life and improved their poor financial habits, but they ignore old debt, they ignore the alte chovos – those credit card bills don’t go away. Even if you made up your mind, “From now on, I’m not going to use my plastic credit card anymore. I’m only going to use cash.” But if you owe $300,000 or $400,000 you have to pay it up. I remember the first time I encountered somebody, a yungerman who didn’t have good financial habits. I said, “How much do you owe?” He said, “$220,000.” I said, “What?!” I asked other people, “How much do you owe?” People told me, “$120,000, $140,000, $170,000.” I said, “What?!” I never heard of such a thing. I always pay my credit card when the month ends. I never carry over the balance. I tell my wife, “If we carry one time over, no plastic.” A person has to realize that he has to pay up that debt.

The malachim said, “Hashem, it’s nice, משכו, they’re turning around their life. They act nice. They walked in the midbar, they brought the korban Pesach. It is all wonderful, but you know what? They put their finger in the wind, and they saw which way the wind was blowing. They saw Hashem was on their side and Pharaoh and the Mitzri’im were pretty much preoccupied with their makas bechoros over there, so they didn’t actually do teshuvah. They have not yet purged themselves from their old baggage.” Changing is wonderful, but you’ve got to get rid of the old baggage, Rabosai. A couple of days later they’re facing a challenge and what do the malachim say? הללו עובדי עבודה זרה והללו עובדי עבודה זרה. So mitzad midas harachamim they weren’t able to get saved.

So what does a Yid do if midas hadin is against him and midas harachamim is against him? What does he do? Here’s what the Torah tells us to do.

Can You Have A Nes Without Rachamim?

Hashem turns to Moshe and gives a תשובה מנצחת, a winning answer. Hashem says, “Let Me teach you how to make a breakout. מה תצעק אלי, don’t cry anymore, אין הדבר תלוי בידי, it’s not in My hands. You’ve got to make it happen. Tell the Yidden there’s one thing they’ve got up their sleeve, and if they pull it out, they will make it happen. It’s the only thing that’s going to get them out of this pickle.” Meaning, even though I want to make a nes. I want to do it. But since they’re not raoy, they’re not befitting, the midas hadin stops it, ואין כח ברחמים כנגד מדת הדין, midas harachamim can’t go against midas hadin.

So Hashem says, “דבר אל בני ישראל, I’ll tell you a secret. You want the absolute eitzah, להגביר, to strengthen צד החסד והרחמים? You want to know how to get the koach hachessed on your side? דבר אל בני ישראל ויתעצמו בכל לבם, they should strengthen themselves in emunah  ויסעו אל הים, and they should travel into the yam, קודם שיחלק, before it splits. על סמך הבטחון אני אעשה להם נס, and on the smach (reliance) of the bitachon, on account of their bitachon in me, I will make a miracle for them.” Bitachon – that’s the only payment we accept over here. Not even bitcoins work. You know what works? Bitachon. Step up to the plate. Hashem says, “ובאמצעות זה, through this, they will be zocheh to rachamim.”

This is mindblowing to me! You know what Hashem is telling us? A guy is in a pickle. You’re surrounded from all sides. You know it’s a ‘curtain call.’ You’re praying to Hashem, and you’re expecting an answer. You’re building up your newfound relationship with Hashem, and it’s not working. Do one thing. You know what Hashem tells Moshe? First אל תיראו, you’ve got to stop being afraid (Shemos 14:13). If you’re afraid, you don’t have bitachon. Bitachon means not being afraid. Bitachon means, Hashem, I’m putting my trust in Your yeshuah. It wasn’t easy. I’m sure it wasn’t easy. But Hashem said, אין הדבר תלוי בידי, it’s not taloy in Me. It’s taloy in you. You’ve got to make it happen.

You hear what the power of bitachon is? This is mind boggling.

You go to a doctor. The doctor tells you, “I’m sorry, it’s hopeless.” Nu, so what do you do now? You understand you have a cheshbon with Hashem. You understand you’re not such a tzaddik. I hear people tell me all the time, “I’m not such a tzaddik.” I tell them, “So what. Do teshuvah right now and be boteach in Hashem.” הבוטח בה’ חסד יסובבנו – אפילו רשע הבוטח בה’ חסד יסובבנו. Where does that come from? This is the mekor. This is the mekor right here. Hashem says, “They’re not raoy, except through bitachon.” You know what that means that Klal Yisrael wasn’t raoy? They just brought a korban Pesach. They just committed themselves to Hashem and went into the desert to be mekabel the Torah – and they’re not raoy?! They’re not raoy. They’ve got avodah zarah baggage, years and years of baggage. That’s serious baggage.

Now this tells us that bitachon works.But to get there you’ve got to stop and “plug into” the bitachon. You’ve got to really meditate. You’ve got to get there.

Guided Imagery For Bitachon

I like to tell this to people who are facing very terrible situations. They’re in tremendous pain and they want to be boteach. How are you boteach? What do you do? I’m going to tell you the formula.

Close your eyes and imagine you’re climbing into the lap of Hakadosh Baruch Hu bechvodo uveatzmo and He’s embracing you. It’s not your bubby’s embrace. It’s not your mother’s embrace. They can’t help you a ki hu zeh klal. All they can say to you is, “Sheifaleh, sheifaleh, my zisse, feel better.” But they can’t help you. They’re powerless, toothless tigers. “Come to Bubby.” What is coming to Bubby going to help you? Bubby can’t do anything for you. But Hashem could. So you picture yourself in the lap of Hashem, in the embrace of Hashem, and you say, “Hashem, I’m putting myself in Your hands. אין עוד מלבדו, I have no one else to rely on but You Hashem.” And Hashem says, “I am the kol yachol. You come to Me? I don’t have to call you, but you come to me of your own accord?”

Fix A Lack of Emunah – See Hashem In Your Life

Now, the Ohr Hachaim says, you know why Hashem put Klal Yisrael in this situation? Because their serving avodah zarah showed that they lacked emunah in Hashem. They were missing emunah. They had a roshem of lacking emunah. Hashem wanted to help them be mesaken that. Hashem put the squeeze on them, and He said, “Mesyatzev (strengthen) yourself in emunah” – that’s the tikun.

People constantly lack emunah in Hashem. We don’t trust Hashem. We say in davening על ניסך שבכל עת. Take a piece of paper. Write down the nissim that Hashem has done for you today. You know, most people would be writing down those nissim like a boy who writes the shiur. He writes two lines and then he goes to sleep. Another boy writes five lines and then he goes to sleep. I’m thinking, “Did I stop talking? Maybe I’m just imagining that I am talking” – i.e. think how Hashem feels when we don’t take notice of the nissim that He does for us every day. People can’t figure out what Hashem does for them. You know why? Because they have no awareness of the chessed of Hashem. That’s called lacking emunah.

You think you sleep because you’re tired; you think you’re sleeping because you put a fan on; you think you’re not sleeping because it’s a little warm in the room; you think you’re sleeping because you have a good pillow; you think you’re not sleeping because you don’t have a good blanket; you think you’re sleeping because you have ear plugs; or maybe you sleep because you have a noisemaker in the room, a sound machine. People have all kinds of meshugassen. You know how many people think they’re sleeping because they’re taking pills, or they took Sleepytime tea? People think that’s why they sleep. That’s kefirah. That’s mamash nonsense. When Hashem takes away the opportunity from you, Hashem is waking you up, until you scream and shout, “Hashem I’m sorry.” Then you come to realize that the only reason you sleep is because Hashem puts you to sleep.

Rav Chaim Volozhiner in Nefesh Hachaim (שער א, ט׳)talks about this episode of krias Yam Suf, and he says that sometimes a person is in a matzav where he requires bitachon in Hashem. But this bitachon, you’re not going to get from Hashem. It’s dependent completely on yourself. You have to be the source. That means, even though everything else in the world is beyedei shamayim – everything – your sleeping is beyedei shamayim, your eyes are beyedei shamayim, your hearing is beyedei shamayim – but your bitachon is from you. You have to rise to the occasion. You have to gird yourself. Put yourself in the armor of bitachon and emunah. And that itself, that ma’aseh of bitachon, מעוצם הבטחון, he says, שוודאי יקרע לפניהם, Hashem will definitely split the yam for them! They have to be סמך ליבם לא יירא, their hearts are steadfast, fearless and what this generates, is a tremendous hisorerus lema’aleh.[iv]

I want you to hear this. What it’s saying is this. If you’re cornered, that’s Hashem telling you, “You’ve got no hope. There’s no way out.” You look around and see if there’s any path, any way out. There’s no way out. Do you know what Hashem is telling you? He’s telling you that you’re boxed in because in shamayim you’re boxed in. That’s what you’ve got to know. Hashem says, “How do you break out of a box?” The only way you’re breaking out of a box, is if you create a ‘magic pathway’ just as they did by krias Yam Suf And the thing that created the magic pathway was bitachon. In your life, bitachon is the only thing that’s going to create a magic pathway for you. You hear that? The ma’aleh of bitachon was the only thing that caused Klal Yisrael to be saved. It started with bitachon. It ended with bitachon. And in the middle was bitachon. This is mamash hafla vefela. It’s the most powerful tool that a person has.

But then, you have to know what real bitachon is. Bitachon means you’re not afraid. I’ve tried this hundreds of times. It’s not easy. I’m not even sure if I’m there, if I get there a little bit. You get into situations that are frightening to everybody and you try to picture: could I rise to the occasion and be boteach in Hashem? Run to Hashem. Just close your eyes and run into the lap of Hashem and feel His embrace and say, “Hashem אברח, I want to run away, so I’m running to You. I have nowhere to run but to You.”

I want you to know something. This koach is a koach that Hashem gave Klal Yisrael. He told Klal Yisrael, “I’m telling you how to get out of situations.” I’m trying to imagine – you know what  midas hadin there is against us? I can’t imagine. Could you imagine what midas hadin there was against Klal Yisrael in Mitzrayim? You read about the torture and the suffering and the oppression and the non-stop work – and the midas hadin wasn’t finished yet. It wasn’t spent. Klal Yisrael  needed to get out early. They were in mem tes sha’arei tumah. So they got a ‘get out of jail free’ card but they didn’t have taharah yet. But Hashem said, “I’ve got to save you,” so Hashem took them out. Hashem said ואת ערם ועריה. You know what that means? Naked. You’re bereft. You don’t have a piece of clothing on you. That means, you have no zechus to get out. So Hashem gave us a couple of zechusim, just to ‘get us across the border.’ But that doesn’t save us from the ‘debt’ accumulated from serving the avodah zarah. Look at all the credit card bills we have. You think, “Wow! Have we got credit to make it?” So Hashem said, “ You’ve got bitachon? Bitachon is your only hope.”

A Secret Way to Escape from Life’s Problems

Hashem was telling us that even though there are thousands of malachim, thousands, tens of thousands from our ma’asim ra’im, if you have bitachon, bitachon gets you out.Every time a person does an aveirah, he creates a malach. Every time he does a mitzvah, he creates a malach. But you know what the problem is? When you do an aveirah, you do an aveirah with geshmak. So you know what you produce? You produce a little bear, a little lion, a little ape, a little gorilla. When you do a mitzvah without geshmak it’s like you get one of these thin little lizards. You get a malach, but what’s that? What is that scrawny thing? Oh, that’s your davening. Oh, that’s your ma’asim tovim. That was your Torah you did today. The Torah you learned without geshmak, where is it? It’s like a scrawny little malach. You didn’t put much effort into it. You didn’t have kavanah. No oomph, no zest. Nothing there. But bitachon could power through malachim, hordes of malachim, through midas hadin. It could mamash be menatzeach, be misgaber on all of that. It’s unbelievable.

I believe this is one of the biggest secrets that Hashem presented to Klal Yisrael, and people don’t even know it. Ask a person, “Do you know the secret of how to get out of a pickle?” When was Klal Yisrael in the biggest pickle and they got out by using bitachon? At Krias Yam Suf. That’s how they got out. You know what that was? That was a pickle. And what did it take to get out of it? Emunah and bitachon, serious bitachon. Without yirah.

This is the power of a Jew’s ma’asim. When a Jew does a ma’aseh of bitachon, it’s such a way of connecting to the inner power of Hashem, of connecting to the power source, that you soar and you fly over all the forces of evil in the world. The situation is that they’re all aligned against you. You don’t stand any chance. You don’t have any counter forces against them. But if you have emunah and bitachon you will overcome all of them. That’s the lesson of krias Yam Suf. That’s the lesson of this whole episode.

Rabosai, it pays to work on bitachon. You create your own escape route. You create your own doorway in the jail. Sholom Mordechai Rubashkin got out of jail, not because of his lawyers, not because of all the other people who helped him, not because of all the powerful ex-DAs and DAs and prosecutors and assistants from all states. The accusations they had lined up against him were unbelievable. Every time I read an interview from one of those guys, they said, “Oh we tried everything. We tried everything.” Everything was turned down. This appeals court, that appeals court. What was done was a travesty of justice. You’re locked. You’re jammed. You’re nothing. He had no way out. The bars were closed. The only thing he was trapped in though, was jail, mere metal bars; he couldn’t get out of jail. One thing helped – bitachon. That’s what it was. He was meschazek, once, twice, but he didn’t get out. There were no results initially. One year goes by. Nach a Pesach. A third year. A fourth year. A fifth year. After eight years, he got out!  Finally he saw hatzlachah and he saw the geulah and he saw the breakthrough. My friends, that’s bitachon. Let us be mechazek ourselves in this inyan in order to get out of the pickles in life. Let’s be comfortable saying, “Hashem, I’m jumping into Your hands. Hashem, I’m putting my trust in Your yeshuah.”

The Bottom Line

Although Klal Yisroel cast away their old idols, did bris milah, brought korban Pesach, and then followed Hashem into the dangerous desert,  they didn’t have enough merits. There was a din against them in Shamayim for having worshiped avodah zarah. They couldn’t even empower Hashem’s middas ha’rachamim to save them from the advancing Egyptian army. Hashem informed them that the only thing to do  was to go into the sea, calmly and without fear. Hashem wanted them to rely on Hashem’s yeshuah. As a result of their bitachon, they were zoiche to have rachamim, and the ultimate nes of Krias Yam Suf. The key to achieving that level of bitachon was to strengthen their emunah, which, the Ohr HaChaim explains, Klal Yisroel lacked since they served the avodah zarah in Egypt. In our daily lives, we may also face situations where we feel ‘boxed in,’ lacking  any way out. The episode of Krias Yam Suf teaches us that we too can tap into this ‘secret channel,’ by strengthening our emunah in Hashem and relying on Him to bring us out of the raging waters of our challenge. This coming week, if I find myself ‘surrounded’ on all sides – whether with my health, parnassah, or challenges in getting married or having children – I will think about the myriad chassadim that Hashem has done for me, and have that become a springboard for building my bitachon. Through that, I will feel Hashem’s embrace and say to Him, “I am going straight to You, Hakodosh Boruch Hu. No one but You can help me out of my predicament. Only You can ‘split’ this raging sea for me and let me soar above my tzarah.”

[i] This opening of the shiur was in connection to a sponsorship for a l’refua shleima of Rachamim Shimon ben Leah – and to encourage the listeners to not only thank Hashem for a healthy and a functioning body, but to also have this choleh in mind when saying asher yatzar.

[ii] ופרעה הקריב וישאו בני־ישראל את־עיניהם והנה מצרים  נסע אחריהם וייראו מאד ויצעקו בני־ישראל אל ה’ [רש”י: ויצעקו. תָּפְשׂוּ אֻמָּנוּת אֲבוֹתָם – בְּאַבְרָהָם הוּא אוֹמֵר “אֶל הַמָּקוֹם אֲשֶׁר עָמַד שָׁם” (בראשית י”ט), בְּיִצְחָק “לָשׂוּחַ בַּשָּׂדֶה”, (שם כ”ד), בְּיַעֲקֹב “וַיִּפְגַע בַּמָּקוֹם” (שם כ”ח)]

[iii] מה תצעק אלי. קשה ולמול מי יצעק אם לא לה’ אלהיו ובפרט בעת צרה דכתיב (יונה ב׳:ג׳) קראת מצרה לי, (תהילים קי״ח:ה׳) מן המצר קראתי יה, ואם לצד שהרבה להתפלל הלא כל עוד שלא נענה מהעונה בצר לו לא ירף מתפלה. עוד רואני כי נתקבלה תפלתו ואמר לו ה’ הרם את מטך וגו’ אם כן קבלנות זה שאמר מה תצעק אלי למה. עוד קשה אומרו דבר אל בני ישראל ויסעו להיכן יסעו אם רודף מאחור והים לפניהם, ואם הכוונה אחר שיבקע הים אם כן היה לו לומר הרם את מטך וגו’ ואחר כך יאמר דבר אל בני ישראל וגו’.אכן יתבאר הענין על פי מאמרם ז”ל (שמות רבה פכ”א) שישראל היו נתונין בדין מה אלו אף אלו, ודבר ידוע הוא כי כח הרחמים הוא מעשים טובים אשר יעשה האדם למטה יוסיפו כח במדת הרחמים ולהיפך ב”מ ימעיטו הכח, והוא אומרו (דברים לב יח) צור ילדך תשי, והנה לצד שראה אל עליון כי ישראל קטרגה עליהם מדת הדין, והן אמת כי חפץ ה’ לצדק ישראל אבל אין כח ברחמים לצד מעשיהם כנזכר, אשר על כן אמר למשה תשובה נצחת מה תצעק אלי פירוש כי אין הדבר תלוי בידי הגם שאני חפץ עשות נס כיון שהם אינם ראוים מדת הדין מונעת ואין כח ברחמים כנגד מדת הדין המונעת, ואמר אליו דבר אל בני ישראל פירוש זאת העצה היעוצה להגביר צד החסד והרחמים דבר אל בני ישראל ויתעצמו באמונה בכל לבם ויסעו אל הים קודם שיחלק על סמך הבטחון כי אני אעשה להם נס ובאמצעות זה תתגבר הרחמים ואתה הרם את מטך פירוש באמצעות מעשה הטוב נעשה להם הנס ובקע הים כי גדול הבטחון והאמונה הלז להכריעם לטובה. ותמצא שכן היה וצדיק הראשון הוא נחשון בן עמינדב ונכנס עד גרונו ולא נבקע הים עד שאמר כי באו מים עד נפש כמאמרם ז”ל (סוטה ל”ז.) ובזה נתישבו הכתובים על נכון. ונראה לי לומר כי רשם ה’ לומר להם טעם תגבורת הדין עליהם לצד שהם המעיטו בלבם האמונה ואמרו הלא טוב לנו את עבוד מצרים לזה צוה ה’ לעשות כנגד עון זה הצדקת האמונה בכל תוקף. גם בזה רמזם לדעת הסובב תגבורת הדין מחדש:

[iv] הנה דור המדבר שזכו להיות מאוכלי שלחן גבוה לחם מן השמים דבר יום ביומו. ושמלתם לא בלתה מעליהם. ולא היו צריכים לשום עסק פרנסה בעולם כלל. לד”ה לא מקרו עושין רצונו של מקום אא”כ היו מסתכלין כלפי מעלה ביושר גמור ומשעבדין את לבם רק לתורה ועבודה ויראתו ית”ש יומם ולילה לא ימוש מפיהם דברים ככתבן ממש בלי נטות אל הצד כלל אף שעה קלה לעסק פרנסה. וכמאמרם ז”ל לא ניתנה תורה אלא לאוכלי מן. לכן העמידו אז את הכרובים לפי מה שהיו עושין רצונו של מקום פניהם איש אל אחיו ממש. להראות כי ישר יחזו פנימו ית’ פנים בפנים עם עם קדושו. אמנם בימי שלמה שהיו כלל המון ישראל צריכים ומוכרחים לנטות מעט אל הצד לעסק הפרנסה עכ”פ כדי חיי נפש. שזה עיקר אמיתת רצונו ית’ לדעת ר’ ישמעאל דסבר דלרבים טפי אריך למעבד הכי וכמ”ש באבות יפה ת”ת עם ד”א כו’ וכל תורה שאין עמה מלאכה כו’. וכל מילי דאבות מילי דחסידות נינהו. רק שגם בעת עסקם בפרנסה יהא לבם נוהג בחכמה בהרהור ד”ת. לכן העמידו אז בתחלה את הכרובים לפי מה שיהיו עושין רצונו של מקום פניהם מצודדין מעט, וכו’.ולכאורה אכתי למה הוצרכו להעמיד ב’ הכרובים מצודדין. הלא הכרוב הא’ שרמז עליו ית”ש היו צריכי’ להעמידו ישר ממש, וכו’. אמנם הענין כמ”ש. שהתחברותו ית’ כביכול להעולמות והכחות כולם וכל סדריהם והתקשרותם. וכן כל סדרי הנהגתו ית’ אתנו. הוא כפי שיעור התנועה וההתעוררות המגיע אליהם ממעשינו למטה. וכפי זה השיעור משתלשל ונמשך גם אלינו למטה פנים שוחקות ומוסברות. לכן גם הכרוב שרמז עליו ית”ש היו ג”כ צריכים להעמידו מצודד מעט כפי שיעור הצדוד של הכרוב שרומז עלינו. מזה הטעם. ולכן בעת קריעת ים סוף. אמר הוא ית’ למשה מה תצעק אלי דבר אל בני ישראל ויסעו. ר”ל דבדידהו תליא מלתא. שאם המה יהיו בתוקף האמונה והבטחון ויסעו הלוך ונסוע אל הים סמוך לבם לא יירא. מעוצם בטחונם שודאי יקרע לפניהם. אז יגרמו עי”ז התעוררות למעלה שיעשה להם הנס ויקרע לפניהם.

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